I was placed into a group of three  people, and we were told to make a map about the town of Stillwater, Oklahoma, which is the home of Oklahoma State University. The members of my group were Hannah Martin (, Alex Shankles (, and myself.

The “Game Day” map is located in Stillwater, Oklahoma. This town is one of the most popular game day college towns. Oklahoma State University is the heart and soul of the town, and the college is very well known for the preparations for each home game and all the activities that go along with each game. Each game day that takes place in Stillwater brings in thousands and thousands of people that come through the town. Because there are so many people that are coming through the town, there is several things that the tourists do.
The Game Day map is split up into three sub topics that take place to make up a Game Day in Stillwater. The first are all the places that those coming to town for games stay overnight or even all weekend. This sub topic includes the five most popularly stayed at hotels in Stillwater. The Atherton Hotel at OSU, The Quality Inn, Hampton Inn and Suites, Best Western Hotel Plus Cimarron Hotel, and The Wyndham Garden.
The second sub topic included in Game Day is all of the arenas that Oklahoma State uses for their sports games. Not all of the arenas have big game day participations, but Boone Pickens Stadium and Gallagher Iba Arena both have huge game day celebrations that take place almost every game. Cowgirl Soccer Complex, Allie P. Reynolds Baseball Stadium, and the Cowgirl Stadium are all major places sports games take place. Not only do OSU sports play at these places, but there are championships and other high school games that take place.
The third subtopic is the most “touristy” like spots to visit. Of course Eskimo Joes and Joseppi’s Italian Kitchen are the absolute musts. There is also Hideaway Pizza, the oldest pizza place in Oklahoma, located on the strip. Also, regarding to OSU’s campus, Theta Pond and the Student Union are popular places to visit.
On each bullet point is a brief description of the listed topic. There is also a picture on each post to show the viewers what each item looks like to add more information. Hopefully, this map will help those visiting figure out some “must-do” activities while visiting the great town of Stillwater.

Screenshot (14)

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