The Modernization of The Odyssey

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The Odyssey by Homer is on of the most famous books about Greek mythology today, and it was written over three thousand years ago. The Odyssey is sampled and modernized very frequently in today’s society, and one of the most famous modernizations is the movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou, which was released in the year 2000.

Wikipedia has a nice summary of Oh Brother Where Art Thou. The Wikipedia page says “Set in 1937 rural Mississippi[3] during the Great Depression, the film’s story is a modern satire loosely based on Homer’s Odyssey. The title of the film is a reference to the 1941 film Sullivan’s Travels, in which the protagonist (a director) wants to film a fictional book about the Great Depression called O Brother, Where Art Thou?.”

When books are turned into movies or modernized to todays society, some things about them have to change. A lot of people do not like that when books go to movies they are different, but they have to be. You cannot make a book that took you eight hours to read into a two hour movie without leaving out some details, or changing certain aspects of it to make it fit into the two hour time frame.

One big example of this was with my favorite book, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy being turned into a movie. When they made it into a movie they had to leave out a few things, and add in some scenes to make the story still move a long. That is it for my blog posts. I am done for the semester!

White Girl Probs

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“A parody, in the music world, remixes a song by changing the original lyrics to words that ridicule or satirize another topic.” The most famous person who does parodies is probably Weird Al Yankovic. I recently watched a video called White Girls, which was a parody of the song Royals by Lorde. I believe that the creators of White Girls did a fantastic job on their parody.

I believe that the song White Girls makes an excellent attribution to the white girl stereotype, which is that they love starbucks, taking selfies, tweeting, and twerking. The creator of White Girls included all of these stereotypes and more with their song. I believe that their song sounded very similar to the original, which is what a good parody should do. That is what Weird Al Yankovic did, and that is why he became so popular.

Some of my favorite Weird Al Yankovic songs is called White and Nerdy which is a spoof of the song Ridin’ Dirty by Chamillionaire. I also enjoy this song because it describes my life. In the song he talks about solving rubiks cubes, memorizing digits of pi, and being fluent in javascript and klingon. I do all of those things, which is why I really enjoy this song. I love the remix much more than the original, and I feel the same way about the parody White Girls. I usually like parodies because I love to laugh.

That is it for this blog post, and I will only have one more required one for the semester.

The Walking Dead universes

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The Walking dead is a very popular television show, comic book series, and video game series. It began as a weekly comic book in 2003 produced by Image Comics, but was adapted into a television series that premiered on Halloween in 2010. I first heard of The Walking dead a month or two before the television series premiered, and became quickly addicted by the comics. I watched the television series premiere on Halloween and I have watched every episode since then, and it has became on of my favorite shows. In early 2012 an interactive game was released based more on the comic books than the television series. The game has been released in episodes, and are still being made.

When the comic book series was adapted into a television series they had to change a few things to make it more entertaining to the new audience. The television show is what made the series so popular, because it was the first of its kind. The walking dead was the first serious zombie apocalypse television series, and is currently in its fourth season.

An example that is similar to this one is based off of my favorite book, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy began as a radio broadcast created by Douglas Adams, which was written into a five part book series that began in 1979. The author had to change some things from his radio broadcast while creating the novel. After making the novel the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy it was then adapted into a video game and comic book series in the 1980’s. Douglas Adams had written a screenplay to adapt his famous book series into a movie in the 1980’s, but it was not made into a movie until 2005 after Douglas Adams death.

I believe that these changes are important because they have to appeal to their new audiences. That is it for this blog post, and I am finished for a few weeks at least.

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“Saturday Night Live is known world-wide for doing different sketches about current and sometimes important events. They recently did a sketch over” ObamaCare. Kate MCkinnon opened with this sketch on Saturday night live, and in the sketch they talk about their new Obamacare website where people can purchase the new healthcare. They were having trouble with their new website because they said that it was only able to host 6 people at a time when they were having millions of Americans logging on to buy healthcare.

“Saturday Night Live is very famous for doing different videos and sketches like this that are almost all considered remixes. They take an original popular video or song, and change it to make the lyrics about an important event going on. In a way it is still explaining some things to the public, while still remaining entertaining to the majority of the viewers.”

Overall this sketch is very similar to the classic Saturday Night Live skits where they take popular ideas or people in the media or government and basically make fun of them for an hour. Saturday night live has ran for many years using this same simple concept and they will continue to run many more years. People in our society have grown up to the classic Saturday Night Live and continue to watch it every week. I believe their comedy takes away from the meaning of the important topic or person because they commonly stretch the truth of their spoofs. That is it for this blog post, and I will write again on Thursday.

Quotes from my last blog post over Saturday NIght Live.

What would I say?

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“What would I say” is an app that is sweeping the nation, and what it does is it takes all of the statuses that you have ever posted and randomly generates new statuses based on common things you say.

What would I say was created by Pawel Przytycki, Ugne Klibaite, Vicky Yao, Daniel Jiang, Edward Young, Harvey Cheng, and Alex Furger who are all graduate students at Princeton. This group of students created this app last week at Princeton’s Hackathon, and since that time their website has reached hundreds of thousands of hits. Ugne “Klibaite, a student in the school’s Quantitative and Computational Biology program, explained the process in an e-mail: “We drank a lot of coffee and Red Bull and thought of fun things we could program that we could actually complete in a day and a half.”” He went on in the email to say that they received assistance from an eighth team member- a Yorki named Baxter, who, according to Klibaite, “knows a total of fifteen tricks including ‘beg and look ashamed.’”

The website was down when I started this blog post, so I did not get to see any examples of my statuses, but I found some in an interview. Some examples of statuses that have been created are:”I come to smash a tale of desperation, decision, and regret with sad eyes, A great Recession, Back to the habit of eating flecks of things, Friday as good a day as any for my wedding, I come neither to bury nor to learn its definition in British slang.”

Overall I can see why this website has become such a hit. It has become so popular because of how it makes people feel when they see certain statuses created. That is it for this blog post, and I will write my next one on Tuesday.

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After playing the game “Re-Playing The Game”, and thinking about the different topics that it brought up, I believe that is is more for entertainment then educating the public by getting a point across.

Games such as this use current events as humor and are created generally with a satirical point of view, and although I do enjoy these types of games, I do not think that this game is an effective way to get a point across.

Some of the people talked about throughout the game were Sarah Palin, Leaonardo Davinci, Horatio Cain, Hamlet, and many many more. The game was composed of close to one hundred levels, and most of which required the player to be one of the characters and simply jump off of the cliff.

There are many games like this one, that have satire towards current events and political personas. In these they usually have many mini-games that have these characters. I have played a few others like this, and one of which is called “I want to be the guy”. In I want to be the guy you play a character called “the guy” and you run through levels and fight Mike Tyson, Donkey Kong and other popular characters and people of the 1980’s.

Overall These games are very fun, and they have a specific target audience. Within this audience they get their messages across, but to people outside of their target audience the messages my fall short. That is it for this blog post, I will write another on Thursday.

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Saturday Night Live is known world-wide for doing different sketches about current and sometimes important events. They recently did a sketch in October over Miley Cyrus’s Video Music Awards performance and the government shutdown, and who better to host this episode of Saturday Night Live than Miley Cyrus.

This is one example of a remix because they took Miley Cyrus’s very controversial Video Music Awards (VMA) performance, and made jokes about it the entire time. In the actual video they took Miley Cyrus’s song “We Can’t Stop”, and made a remix of it to talk about the government shutdown.

Another reason that this video is a remix is because they took an original video and song, and changed the lyrics to discuss a different topic.

Saturday Night Live is very famous for doing different videos and sketches like this that are almost all considered remixes. They take an original popular video or song, and change it to make the lyrics about an important event going on. In a way it is still explaining some things to the public, while still remaining entertaining to the majority of the viewers.

Most of the video was involving talking about the republican party, and how they do not want a national health care system. Since they voted against it, the writers of Saturday Night Live wrote the song bashing Republicans. In the video they cut the trunk off of an elephant which could symbolize something. Anyways that is it for this blog post and I will write another one on Tuesday.

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Many comedy shows today like to take important issues and spoof them. An example of this is anytime that they have a political election South Park and Family Guy will usually make a spoof of it. For the presidential election of 2008 South Park made an episode where Obama and McCain were actually best friends and international jewel thieves. In the episode they said that they made such a close election to get the American public to go crazy for the next 12 hours while they break into the Smithsonian. Issues like this are important, but I do not think that South Park, Family Guy, or American Dad are doing anything wrong by spoofing them. Sometimes it is good to be able to laugh at a serious situation.

Another thing that these shows are good at is informing the public of different important matters that they might not have heard of. They have an interesting way of informing the public because they usually make fun of most important situations, but they still inform people.

They not only spoof important events, but they also spoof famous books and movies. When I was a freshmen in high school, I had an AP test over Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I tried to read the book, but it bored me. Since I was having trouble reading the book I decided to watch the South Park episode spoofing Great Expectations. I ended up making an A on the test because South Park actually stays true to their facts. They may spoof these topics, but for the most part they keep their facts straight.

That is it for this blog post, my next one will be on Thursday.

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I believe that horror movies are so popular because people love to feel scared. People really enjoy feeling a heightened amount of emotion regardless of if it is feeling scared, happy, or even nervous. Some people may act like they do not enjoy it, but they love it deep down because it increases their bodies adrenaline and increases their focus. Horror movies make a lot of people feel this way which is why a lot of people continue to watch them even if they are remakes of originals.

Another reason that remakes are continuing to be made is because of how quickly our special effects increase over time. We can do things now with special effects that people in the 1970’s couldn’t have dreamed of. As technology increases adults today may want to see a horror movie from their teenage years remade with modern technology. In doing so they get a nostalgic feeling.

All in all horror movies along with most things in life go back to emotion. Humans are emotional beings, and love to feel emotion regardless of it is good or bad. The technology we have today can make people feel more immersed in the movies which could make people more scared or nervous for the people in the movies. So as long as technology is increasing I believe we will continue to see remakes of popular movies from past generations.

That is it for this blog post, and I will write my next blog post next Tuesday.


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Wikipedia is one of the most useful databases of information because it has information on almost everything. One of the features that Wikipedia has is the open edit ability. With the open edit ability anybody can edit any page and take out or add any information they believe should be there.

One of the positive traits of this feature is the ability to add information you feel should be on a page. If you know something that other people don’t then you can add it, and if some of the information on a page is incorrect then you can change it. This feature is incredible because of how easy it makes it to obtain useful information.

This ability could also be negative because anybody can post whatever they want on any page. A lot of the celebrity pages get changed daily, but somebody usually notices and changes it within a few minutes.

This feature makes Wikipedia an example of a remix, but would Wikipedia be better off without this feature? I believe that Wikipedia is great the way it is, and should continue to use this feature.

Overall Wikipedia is a very useful source for finding quick information, but not everything on Wikipedia ca be trusted which makes it a unreliable source. Wikipedia can be a gateway to finding more about your source because most of the information is cited from its original source. That is it for this blog post, and I will post again on Thursday with my next topic.