About me-World of Warcraft style

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In the words of Randy Marsh from South Park, in the outside world, I am a simple student… but in here, I am Marasume the Explorer, Defender of the Alliance. I have braved the Fargo Deep Mine, and defeated the Blood Fish at Jarod’s Landing. Marasume the Explorer is a level 21 human paladin whose home is Stormwind city, and his mission in life is to fall to the power of the Horde. The Horde is an unbeatable foe, and with their new warchief Voljin, they will crush the Alliance.

Here are my blog posts about World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft, we have all heard of this game, and millions of people play it every single day. World of Warcraft was first released in 2004, and it quickly took over the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game)world. I first started playing this game in 2006 a few months before the very first expansion pack: The Burning Crusade was released.

I played World of Warcraft almost every day for 8 years. I have close to a year of in game time total, which some may say is too much, I couldn’t agree more. I somehow managed to stop playing this game in August of 2012, but due to my assignment in my critical analysis and writing class, I have started playing again.

As a class, we will be playing in the Alliance faction on the Aegwynn realm. I have chosen to be a human paladin, and I played for close to an hour in class. I entered the world and was completely filled with nostalgia of when I used to play before. World of Warcraft has affected my life greatly, and I will be playing it for the next week for sure.

Starting out as a human after not playing one for 7 years has made it seem like an entirely new game. When you first log in as your character you have a few basic quests to do in your starting area and then you can travel the world called Azeroth. After stepping out of the starting area you will come across a small town called Goldshire where you will be given quests through level 9. The most famous of these quests being “Wanted! Hogger”, where you are sent on a quest to slay the first elite beast you will encounter, Hogger. Elite beasts may be the same level as you but they will have much greater stats which makes them harder to kill. It is recommended to make a party of 2 or more people to fight Hogger, but I chose to do it myself.

After you finish the Hogger quest, there are a few other basic quests in the Elwynn forest before you hit level 11. After you finish those quests you will head to Westfall until level 15. The very first dungeon that you can complete is in Westfall and is called the Deadmines.

Many people play World of Warcraft everyday, and a lot of those people have created alter egos for themselves on it. I personally create entirely new characters and come up with backstories for them like I do with my Dungeons and Dragons characters.

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