About me-Second Life

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My characters name in second life was named Malcolm Zander, and he enjoyed killing zombies, and playing other games. Malcolm Zander’s home was in the Roman Colosseum as you can tell by his appearance. He enjoyed the gladiator life almost as much as killing zombies.

Here are the posts about my adventures in Second Life

This week I have been playing the “life simulator” Second Life. It is a very popular life simulator because you can do anything imaginable. There are no actual goals or accomplishments in Second Life itself, but there are many worlds throughout Second Life that have different games or goals to accomplish. My favorite world so far has been “Grimly’s Bloodbath & Beyond Zombie Apocalypse Main Store”.

“Grimly’s Bloodbath & Beyond Zombie Apocalypse Main Store” is a zombie apocalypse game/ store. I found it a lot of fun to be able to use different guns or swords to kill zombies while completing quests for random NPC’s (Non-Player Character) which is basically a computer designed to send you on missions or quests. This world is owned and was created by Grimly Darkfold. Grimly Darkfold not only created the world, but he also created the combat system used in it that you can take with you to other worlds and games. The world is located inside of Mustang Bay on the “Overworld Map”

This game really captured my attention because there were a lot of people in it that teamed up against the zombies. Our first mission was to cross the entire map and get some supplies for this military personnel, and that the missions just kept getting harder. The final mission I did today was to kill 100 zombies which is a lot harder than it sounds because you have to kill it completely by yourself and when you are on a team that can be a challenge.

This is my second adventure into the realm of Second Life. This time around I decided to find a world that involves one of my majors. I am currently triple majoring in Aerospace Engineering,Mechanical Engineering,and Applied Mathematics. I found a world devoted to Mathematical art and it is called “Mathematical Art: Escher’s ‘Relativity’ and Seifert Surface”.

“Mathematical Art: Escher’s ‘Relativity’ and Seifert Surface” was created by Raymaker Land Management. Raymaker Land Management created this world in Da Boom in the Overworld. The description of this world according to the creater is:” A realisation of M C Escher’s ‘Relativity’ by Furia Freeloader, and mathematical sculptures by Seifert Surface! Furia’s full-scale model in 3D can be rotated along three axes.
Seifert’s artwork touches on knots, fractals, surfaces and the 4th dimension”
I have always love mathematics and the art that it can make. Math is the exact same in every single language and culture which makes it the greatest scientific study in my opinion. Almost everything can be translated back to math or broken down to math. I was very excited when I found this world, but the only thing that I would like added would be an option to go into space, because I eventually want to become an astronaut. My dream is to work for either NASA or SpaceX.

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