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On Remix theory their was an article called “REGRESSIVE AND REFLEXIVE MASHUPS IN SAMPLING CULTURE, 2010 REVISION, BY EDUARDO NAVAS” and in it he discusses the many types of remixes. One of the examples that he talked about was the remix mashup of Spiderman and the Hulk.

The mashup of Spiderman and the Hulk is called SpiderHulk (original name right?). In this mashup Peter Parker who is Spiderman was assigned to take a picture of this man, and while doing it he ran into the Hulk. As he ran into the Hulk they both ran by the electronic sensor device and Spiderman picked it up. Later in the mashup Peter Parker starts to feel sick and he is attacked by some muggers. The muggers make him angry and he starts growing big like the Hulk, and as we all know you won’t like the Hulk when he is angry. This mashup continues while Peter Parker, who is now SpiderHulk, saves the city and does his usual thing. At the end of the mashup Spiderhulk gets knocked into the electronic sensor and it takes his Hulk powers away.

This is a great example of a mashup remix, because it was one of the first comic book hero mashups. I believe that this is a fantastic comic book which shows one of the definitions of remix.

That is it for this blog post, and it is the first blog post for my new section about the different types of remixes. I will post again on Monday.


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