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In a forum called “Blizzards official stance on Cyberbullying?” created by Jarrlaxle he talks about different examples of cyberbullying that happen everyday. One of these examples which I know happens frequently is ” Along the way, I get attacked in the road, getting ganged up on. This happens, I’ve come to accept it, and there isn’t really much I can do about it in a NON-Rated BG about it, because everyone else is randomly assigned there just like I am. Well, next thing I know, I am getting verbally thwarted, being called worthless, a %%!, and at one point I was told that “I needed to commit suicide in real life”. All over the fact that I didn’t have as many kills as other people.” This kind of cyberbullying shouldn’t be able to exist. When I see this stuff happening or when it happens to me I immediately report the person, and then I just think about what type of person would say things like that.

Blizzard(the company that makes World of Warcraft), responded very promptly with this “This is a reminder that we take threats made against other players, against our employees, and of self-harm extremely seriously. We realize that there can be stressful and trying moments in the game or when interacting with others, but there is no acceptable time to go beyond the boundaries of the game and threaten others with real-life harm. If someone is found to be making a real-life threat, we will report it to the authorities, which could result in real repercussions. If you see anyone making a real-life threat against you, themselves, or others, please report it immediately. To report threatening in-game chat, use the in-game petition system by clicking on the red question mark, or for forum posts, use the thumbs-down button and choose “Real-Life Threats.”” I believe Blizzard is doing their best in this situation, but there is still more that could be done. Cyberbullying happens every day and it needs to stop. I couldn’t imagine what I would do if one of my friends hurt themselves or others because of somebody cyberbullying them in game. I enjoy the World of Warcraft universe and I will continue playing it, and helping to get rid of some of the cyberbullies in game.

Overall Blizzard is doing the best they can, and I am glad they are doing something about the growing problem that is cyberbullying. That is it for this blog post, I will post again next Tuesday.

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